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Another show we made just for you guys

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Today I think I ate my yearly allotment of jelly beans so I really need to lay down, so I'll keep the write up short and my apologies for it even shorter.

This week it's round three of Digital Strips Book Club vs Gunnerkrigg Court. So far I think we're winning.

We come up  with a new way to fantasize about Jason, talk about Scott Kurtz doing Scott Kurtzy things, Jason finds his new calling in life and new a rival in Wolf Blitzer. After a brief chat on how expensive microphones are, we talk about what Jason hasn't been reading and what Steve has been, even though it sounds like Jason will soon be reading it too. We talk about the death of Google Reader and what it means to Web comics (spoiler alert, bupkiss). All this and Jason's best worst attempt at creating an alternate universe.

After slash during that, we talk about the last 200 pages of Gunnerkrigg Court, if you're not reading along with us, now is a great time to join in, because I think thinks are really warming up and starting to point at something happening. 

But hey, what do I know?

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