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They have a massively successful webcomic on the Webtoons platform, two amazing careers in comics already, and a new Kickstarter to bring their Webtoon, Urban Animal, to life in print. Jason talked with both of the creators behind Urban Animal, Justin Jordan and John Amor, about everything from working with the Webtoons platform to their forays into the Zuda Comics contests of over a decade ago.

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It's not easy to walk the tightrope between awesome mech action and dramatic familial interactions, but Mike Stamm's The Automan's Daughter does just that. It's equal parts technically-depicted marvels and heartwarming, gut-wrenching actions that threaten to tear a loving family apart. Hear our thoughts on this special comic and learn why the mom is the one you should revere (and fear) the most.

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It's time for another sampling of webcomics goodness with our GOOD PULL for October! We're revisiting dystopia with Ten Earth Shattering Blows, getting a taste of pumpkin spice from bridgedflickered, looking forward to more of Katie Cook's licensed goodies, taking a quick look at Scape, and enjoy a bounty of Abby Howard's good works, including a return of The Last Halloween, just in time for the haunted holiday.

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Some ghosts wake up and wonder where they are. Some ghosts wake up and wonder why they suddenly have extra body parts. It's a weird world in Eliana Falcon's Cosmic Fish, but it's also very beautiful and full of compelling mysteries. The answers are not quickly revealed, but we think you'll find this comic worth spending some time with.

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When it comes to interviewing creative teams, you get lucky if you get the chance to talk with more than one of the esteemed team members. Somehow, Jason was able to convince both Julian Dominguez and Esther Pimentel of Littlelight Asylum to chat with him about the origins of the kid-friendly comic, including the inspiration for some character names that took even Esther by surprise!

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