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Ever consider cloning yourself? Steve's son wants more of his dad, but his reasons aren't exactly loving and tender. Meanwhile, Jason's pulling all his knowledge on the subject from Multiplicity and The Prestige, so the conversation takes a turn for the zany and macabre. Finally, Steve's wife has been watching the Island and has some ideas of her own.

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While Steve talks about digestive issues at Disney Land, Jason uses his pain to develop his screenplay for a Hangover x Disney movie. It's one of the best story ideas ever conceived, so don't steal it.

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Jason is here with his take on three food adventures he and his stomach recently went on. Hear the banal terror that is Super Mario Cereal! Bask in the Mexican-spiced goodness that is Taco Bell's Nacho Fries! And fear the undercooked breaded nightmare of Lidl's Chicken Wings! Also, Steve is here to make fun of him the whole time.

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Steve's daughter has discerning, but still lax, bathroom standards. Also, he flew with some booze-fueled football fans and it's not an experience he wants to repeat anytime soon. Meanwhile, Jason thinks he flew with a celebrity, but it's possible it was all in the guy's mind. Finally, in-flight movie recommendations! (The less nudity, the better.)

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Steve takes a chance and risks losing it all for his son’s homeless man-fueled ping pong dreams, Jason remains hung-up on fast food, and both guys need to get the heck out of here before the soap operas start.

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Steve teaches us that, when you're stuck in a fence, your tears become stronger than you realize. Jason just wants to nap, but it's the daytime and that will break his brain. And together, the guys debate the cleanliness of your bath water (hint: it depends on where it's been).

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Memory is tied to our senses in ways the guys don’t understand. Jason jumps between the soundtracks for Beverly Hills Cop and The Bodyguard when it comes to dictating his childhood. Steve finds Washington state to be EXTREMELY dank, but his need for Chinese food when Enrique Iglesias is belting out tunes means maybe we can’t trust him.

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