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Bring the 5% of webcomics worth reading to the rest of the world. The Digital Strips blog provides coverage of the webcomic community with news and commentary from our crack team of reporters. It consists of reviews of webcomics, with the occasional interview, round-table discussions, and general advice on how to create and run a webcomic.

This week we review Two Guys and Guy.

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 9:17am EDT

This show is pretty embarasing. For me this time.

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 1:02am EDT

We're taking our hand at a Horizons Watch-ish show, leaner and meaner featuring a comic by tried-and-true creators and a slew of news, both good and bad.

Another fine show.

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 9:58am EDT

another show, please let us know if you're listening

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 2:17pm EDT

Another fine strip on this not so fine show.

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 1:35am EDT

This comic is old but the show is new

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 9:29am EDT

Boom here it is.

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Category:Horizons Watch -- posted at: 12:08am EDT

Yay, show's up

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 9:34am EDT

New show for Aug 15th

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 12:55am EDT

Another show

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Category:Award Nominee Special -- posted at: 1:17am EDT

Another fine episode of Digital Strips.

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Category:Book Club -- posted at: 9:11am EDT

This week we review Gingerbread Girl

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 9:21am EDT

another cool show about cool comics.

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Category:Horizons Watch -- posted at: 9:15am EDT

Another rocking DS showdown.

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 9:23am EDT

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Category:Book Club -- posted at: 8:44am EDT

Make it last people.

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Category:Horizons Watch -- posted at: 9:59am EDT

Boom here it is!

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The first of a new really hard to edit show type.

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Category:RATE -- posted at: 9:32am EDT

Another fine show.

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 12:12am EDT

One last look at Templar Az.

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Category:Book Club -- posted at: 12:30am EDT

Another fine show

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Category:Horizons Watch -- posted at: 12:19am EDT

We review Billy the Dunce

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Category:Webcomic Review -- posted at: 9:36am EDT

Direct download: Digital_Strips_228_-_Book_Club_-_Templar_AZ_-_4th_edition.mp3
Category:Book Club -- posted at: 8:52pm EDT

Review and chatting about video games and webcomics and how they make sweet, sweet love together

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