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What you been reading:

Jason: Nothing




Web Comics Overlook


Lovecraft is missing

Lady Sabre and the Pirates of some place


Our contact information

Don't play god

Moster Raman


Fieflys must die

Our over new show "Who do you think you are"

Jason learns about porn RSSes

Steve teaches Jason words

Jason's coworker does his job

In honor of Steve's religous holiday, two fighting game songs for you guys

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Before we get too far into setting up the show, I'm going to warn you that Jason came in uber quite on the recording. It should be fine post edit, but if not, I did what I could and cranked that D-bag as high as he would go.

We go form zero to nerdy in record time as we delve into our limited knowlege of Shazam, one of those iconic DC chacacters that everyone knows, but no one knows anything about. Then Jason shows off how willing to play videos games his wife is and then lies about being brief wrapps it up by hitting us with the wierdest sexism ever.

Jason presents his comic, Our Adventure Continues, a comic about - and I quote - "Whatever the hell they want it to be about." Techically, that's what all comics are about, but try explaining that to Siglar.

Steve then gets Internet metaphysical with his pick Trekker. It's sci-fi. It's pulp. It's noire. I wouldn't get too hung up on the details. We do however and that leads us to again talk about what are webcomics, without deciding anything.

We touch on the latest Penny Arcade Scandel but not much, becuase it's stupid. We don't touch stupid things. We don't want to get the stupid on us.

This week's Rambletron is a bit a throw back. We talk abou the man you haven't thought about for years, Mr. Baseball himself, Tom Selleck. Look him up kiddos. Just soak in the Selleck.

We get into Battle pug, one Steve has been following since almost day one. We talk about the unspoken rules of being a barbarian. How to do a narrator side story properly. What fantasy tropes are beyond cliche at this point and what more do you need from a comic called Battle Pug than a pug who battles?

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A show that just won't quit.

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We kick things off be talking about what I'm sure is one everyone's mind: Pineapple. Our insightful take on this most important issue for our day that could have changed the lives of millions was quickly derailed by a decent into what Steve, Jason and Steve's son think of people who make different live choices. Steve moarns the lose of a potential good transtion.

We get in to Jason's pick which comes with no information beyond the name Zach Gorman. As usual, Steve's pick is completely diffrent, has more information, but you have to put up with his nonsense, which usually isn't worth it.

We ramble about curseing at work and how Steve's company combats it as well as how long it's been since Steve watched a commerical.

After that we jump junk deep into Part 4 of GunnerKrig Court. We talk about how many story theards we're going through and what it takes to keep up with them.

It's a good time. Enjoy.

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Another show we made just for you guys

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Today I think I ate my yearly allotment of jelly beans so I really need to lay down, so I'll keep the write up short and my apologies for it even shorter.

This week it's round three of Digital Strips Book Club vs Gunnerkrigg Court. So far I think we're winning.

We come up  with a new way to fantasize about Jason, talk about Scott Kurtz doing Scott Kurtzy things, Jason finds his new calling in life and new a rival in Wolf Blitzer. After a brief chat on how expensive microphones are, we talk about what Jason hasn't been reading and what Steve has been, even though it sounds like Jason will soon be reading it too. We talk about the death of Google Reader and what it means to Web comics (spoiler alert, bupkiss). All this and Jason's best worst attempt at creating an alternate universe.

After slash during that, we talk about the last 200 pages of Gunnerkrigg Court, if you're not reading along with us, now is a great time to join in, because I think thinks are really warming up and starting to point at something happening. 

But hey, what do I know?

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Is your food safe to eat? Proabably not.

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We may or may not mention Harry Potter

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A show about a comic about comics.

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It's our first Horizons Watch of 2013 and we've brought two great, young comics, Dustin Parker's Civilian and James Stowe's Sidekick Quests, before you, the judges. Also, news about the future of Ryan Estrada's The Whole Story comic collection and a sweet minimalistic take on the Pac-Man theme by OCRemix artist Israfel in the midshow break.

New Show, better than you can imagine.

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