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A show that just won't quit.

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We kick things off be talking about what I'm sure is one everyone's mind: Pineapple. Our insightful take on this most important issue for our day that could have changed the lives of millions was quickly derailed by a decent into what Steve, Jason and Steve's son think of people who make different live choices. Steve moarns the lose of a potential good transtion.

We get in to Jason's pick which comes with no information beyond the name Zach Gorman. As usual, Steve's pick is completely diffrent, has more information, but you have to put up with his nonsense, which usually isn't worth it.

We ramble about curseing at work and how Steve's company combats it as well as how long it's been since Steve watched a commerical.

After that we jump junk deep into Part 4 of GunnerKrig Court. We talk about how many story theards we're going through and what it takes to keep up with them.

It's a good time. Enjoy.

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