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I like pajamas, I like forests. This comic seemed to be the natural progress from that.
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Long name, good comic.
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You know a comic must be good if we recommend it even though it has more male nudity than female.
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Just another rockin' review from Digital Strips.
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It's old school this time at Digital Strips.
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It's the most poop jokes we've ever done, and they're sort of topical.  This time.
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Two comics enter. Two comics leave. Because it's not a contest.
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Another great show featuring another great comic. Chronillogical, the best grad-student comic featuring time travel on the internet.
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Two comics, both pretty.
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Barbarians, booze and boobies about in the this week's review or Legend or Bill.
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No Brigid this time so we get to say anything we want. Apparently we really wanted to say "boobies".
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Two more comics that you really should give a chance.
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Its a journal comic, but so much more.
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Another Zuda, another Watch. It's good stuff.
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I had a pet pig when I was growing up and my wife looks hot in pigtails, maybe that's why I like this strip so much. Then again, it may just be that good. Check it out for yourself to find out.
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DS 155 Review - Order of Tales We're without Brigid this time but what could have easily devolved into a pit of naming calling a fart noises turned out instead to be a total love fest. Not towards each other mind you, that would be gross. Rather instead we focus out affection on Evan Dahm's amazing web comic Order of Tales.
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Another moon has come and gone and with it, it's time for us to lay the Zuda Watch upside your head. Enjoy.
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Happy Holidays one and all. For our last show of the year, we're hitting you up with three of the best new strips we could fine. It's all good this time around.
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It's time for some Holiday fun times, also for Steve to offend several different major groups of people. It's all comicy fun.
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I know I'm squeaking this one in right before the deadline, but I wanted to let you guys snag it before the holiday (for those of you who have a holiday). Kick back and enjoy another round of Zuda Watchy Goodness.
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We'll if you're an American, you've probably had your fill of voting by now, but if not there's plenty more you can do at the Web Comic's Idol contest. Listen to us weigh in on the competitors.
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Three more new strips for everyone this week. This time around, everyone of them just shines in the art department, but in its own special way. As for over all qaulity, the opinions vary. Tune in to hear what we think about One Swoop Fell, Ellie Connelly and Bear Nuts.
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It's time for a review. This time on the chopping block is Hereville, the adventures of a plucky young girls and her quest to become a fair dinkum dragon slayer. Along the way she'll meet witches, battle trolls and teach us all a little bit about bravery and Jewish culture. Find out what we thing of the whole thing on this episode of Digital Strips.
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10 comics on one side, three critics on the other. What more could you possibly want? It's the October 2008 edition of Digital Strips Zuda Watch.
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Rather than take one creator and crush their soul we figured, hey why not crush three souls. This is a new monthly feature where we'll recommend some strips that we like but are still too young to get a full review. Because some times a strip just is what it is.
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One a very special Zuda watch, we learn a whole lot about Midnight. It turns out he's a sensitive man who loves his grandmother and vampires. He's a powerful defender of decency and is not afraid to admit when he is very very wrong. Tune in and we all grow closer together and tear down both emotional walls, and the egos of various Zuda creators.

We also see that Steve doesn't get dirty names very often. Like at all. Even the obvious ones.
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Sad Robots. Sad Dinosaurs. Sad Stick Figures. We haven't review this much sad black and white stuff since Pictures for Sad Children. This show takes on The Robot is Sad by Tam Nguyen of The Daily Cougar.
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Wow what a show. I don't think I've ever heard the words "pedophile" and "wiener" used so much in a half hour podcast before. And yet here it is. The strip that inspired such bawdy language was Captain Excelsior, a strip that combines the efforts of two experienced creators. Does this super hero have the power to entertain? Or to move you? Tune in to find out.
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We think this was the strongest month yet for Zuda, but that doesn't mean there weren't some stinkers. Tune to find out which strips are Digital Strips approved.
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Further proof that the world is coming to the end, Jason and Steve do a whole review of a comic featuring topless women without having the whole show be about boobs. Maybe Brigid really is bringing some class this place.

During this years WCCA's there were two strips that cleaned housed: Lackadaisy which we reviewed a while back and all loved, and Octopus Pie which we're reviewing now. Will it also recieve total affection? Tune in now, (or later, when you have time, that's kind of the beauty of podcasting) to find out.
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This month the Zuda competitors are all returnees from previous rounds. The doubly long comics allowed for us to really see what these creators had, or didn't have. When it's good it's very good. When it bad it very bad. Not much apathy from this crop.
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It's the Harvey Awards this time around. We look at Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, E-Z Street, Penny Arcade, Perry Bible Fellowship and The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo.
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This week we take a look at and give our opinions on the Eisner Award nominees for the Best Digital Comic category. We take on The Abominable Charles Christopher,  Immortal, The Process, Panda Xpress! and Sugarshock.

Then we get in to what criteria comics should be judged by and give the strips we think should have been nominated, but weren't.
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This week we go after what Jason calls the best strip he's ever reviewed. Good ship Chronicles
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Another month, another Zuda competition and of course, another Zuda Watch. This month's crop is strong for the most part, but that doesn't mean we won't put them all in their place.
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One of the most wide spread shows we've had since the Golden age of Daku and Zampson, the three of us tear into Chronicle with our wide and varied opinions. It's good times.
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There is an abundance of strips out there but it seems the people who got together and created Koallawallop know some hidden secret. This is the third strip we’ve reviewed from the group and so far it’s simplicity only goes to make this a fantastic story. Here’s what Steve and Jason have to say about it.
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This will be the first in a series of podcasts to take advantage of summer vacation. Here we have one of my favorite drawn strips in a long time. Join us as we explore this vampire version of Romeo and Juliet. Actually everyone is already dead so we can’t be romantic, we’ll just have to settle for vengence.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Red Dahlia by John Daiker and Amber “glych? Greenlee
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