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It's the most poop jokes we've ever done, and they're sort of topical.  This time.
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Finally we're back with another Zuda Watch to be enjoyed by you, our bestest of friends. Don't take any of that horrible stuff I said about you get you down. I didn't mean it.
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Two comics enter. Two comics leave. Because it's not a contest.
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Another great show featuring another great comic. Chronillogical, the best grad-student comic featuring time travel on the internet.
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Two comics, both pretty.
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Barbarians, booze and boobies about in the this week's review or Legend or Bill.
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No Brigid this time so we get to say anything we want. Apparently we really wanted to say "boobies".
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Two more comics that you really should give a chance.
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Its a journal comic, but so much more.
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Hey we're back into the swing of interview folks and we picked a winner to start off with. David Gallaher, creator of the first real Zuda winner High Moon, is in the studio of Skype to tell us all about his Zuda success and more importantly how hopefully creators out there can do the same.
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