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What’s come out of the San Diego Comic-Con? Who won the Eisner? Get your post Comic-Con wrap up here.
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This will be the first in a series of podcasts to take advantage of summer vacation. Here we have one of my favorite drawn strips in a long time. Join us as we explore this vampire version of Romeo and Juliet. Actually everyone is already dead so we can’t be romantic, we’ll just have to settle for vengence.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Red Dahlia by John Daiker and Amber “glych? Greenlee
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    Digital Strips
    Show 31 [16.3 mb]
    This week on Digital Strips we talk with Ryan Estrada. Ryan describes himself as Artist, Animator, Adventurer and he has a resume to back that up. His work has taken him across the globe and the top notch cartooning he does makes his work well worth a read. Daku interviews Ryan from Thailand.Also during the show we discuss the start of the Great Web Comics Scavenger Hunt. The topic for the month of August is Pirates. So, gather your list of comics about Pirates and send them in to us as your contest submission.This week we talk about :
  • by Ryan Estrada
  • More...This week's Entry from the We Love Web Comics Contest:

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    Entry sent in by : Andrew JoanisContestant Web Site : Big Cheese Press
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